Having Hybrid Battery Problems?

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What do we Offer?

Exceptional Service

Here at HybridWorld we are aware that time is your most valuable asset , that is why we have a network of mobile technicians ready to drive to you and resolve your battery issues in a matter of hours.

Affordable service

Due to our mobile nature , low overhead costs have resulted in big savings that we can pass on to you! you can rest assured we have the most competitive pricing on the market.

Toyota Prius Hybrid batteries available . We operate from San Diego to Los Angeles. Our network of certified technicians will go to you , so you don’t waste your time coming to us. 

What We offer:

– High Quality Reconditioned Batteries prepared through a meticulous process to ensure their longevity

-Proper load-testing techniques that ensure we pinpoint your problem with 100% accuracy

-Upfront pricing and NO hidden fees , you can rest assured that what we quote you is what we charge you

-FREE 3 month warranty on battery

-Friendly Customer Service

– Option of Extended Warranty on all batteries

– Nissan Altima , Toyota Camry  and Ford Escape Hybrid Batteries also available

-$45 diagnostic fee becomes deductible upon purchase of a service

Additional SERVICES

Here at Hybrid World we also offer individual reconditioned battery cells , for those experienced individuals that know the ins and outs of the hybrid battery system. We also address common Toyota Prius problems and provide comprehensive Maintenance and Service packages at a competitive pricepoint.